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Level M

What are some indicators of a Level M text?

  • Chapter books are longer texts (60 -100 pages) with short chapters and few pictures

  • Informational books are shorter with new information and text features

  • Includes a full range of genres with more biographies included

  • Texts have subtle meanings that require interpretation and more background knowledge

  • More complex and expanded plots

  • More complex themes (respect for difference, loneliness, independence)

  • Vocabulary may be introduced to create feeling or mood

  • Writer's style may be cleared marked by use of words, sentence structure, descriptions of characters or humor

How do I know if my child is a Level M reader?

  • Know the characteristics of different genres (realistic fiction, fantasy, informational text, traditional literature, biographies)

  • Read fiction chapter books, such as series books or mysteries

  • Read fiction texts that have many characters that change in the story

  • Read shorter nonfiction texts on one topic

  • Understand difficult sentences

  • Read silently during independent reading

  • Read out loud & sound like a normal speaker (not like a robot)

  • Read out loud & sound like an actor (pauses, reads with expression)

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"Level M" Books


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