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All programs are held via Zoom. 

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Chair Yoga - Tuesdays at 11AM

January 5th - January 26th

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga is specially designed for seniors and people with disabilities to help them strengthen, stretch and tone the body, and to connect body, mind and spirit.

Students will need a sturdy chair and an area free from clutter and noise. The class begins with a brief meditation, followed by gentle warm-ups seated and breath exercises while seated. Standing and balance poses will follow and students are encouraged to use the chair for support, or can continue following in their seats if necessary. Class will finish with a final relaxation/mindfulness meditation.

Everyone of all abilities and mobility is encouraged to attend these classes.


Financial Planning for the Second Half of Your Life 

January 14 at 11AM

Leaving full-time employment, particularly in later life, often requires a 180 degree turn in both mindset and behavior from the way people managed their time and money previously. Whether someone is "flipping the switch" from full time work to retirement, or using the "dimmer switch" to phase into retirement, there are a myriad of life changes that need to be considered.

Nationally known speaker, author, and Certified Financial Planner® Dr. Barbara O'Neill will help you develop a plan to become your best future self.


Brush Lettering for Beginners 

January 25th at 11AM

Learn the basics of brush lettering and make your own brush-lettered artwork. In this hour-long workshop, participants will first learn how to use brush pens. They will then practice writing letters and words using my brush lettering worksheets. At the end of the workshop, participants will write their own brush-lettered phrase/quote.

River Vale residents receive priority. Registration is required.


Qigong for Health and Wellbeing February 2nd - March 9th

Our health and wellbeing should always be a top priority in our lives. Qigong is a science based exercise that works the body as a whole with movement, breathing practices, and mindfulness to improve our overall health. Please join us for these online qigong classes to support our immune system, calm our nervous system, and promote flexibility in our joints. We will be learning exercises to increase our lung capacity, tapping to stimulate our digestion, and simple meditations to clear the mind. This is a great way to learn something new from the safety of your own home.

This class is open to all ages and can be done from a chair or standing. 


Potting Up Plants 

Monday, March 1st at 11AM

“Potting up Plants” is an illustrated look into the rich history and  various styles of flower pots as well as the universal garden wisdom  provided by these vessels. Beautiful images from gardens of the world  will be presented by columnist Linda Larson, A Traveling Gardener,  wandering, wondering noticing. . . . Linda has traveled to over 900  gardens in 32 countries and all 50 United States. She is always trying  to find room for just one more flower pot in her home garden.  


Ulysses S. Grant: Life and Myth

Wednesday, March 3rd at 7PM

Living historian Kenneth J. Serfass, Gunnery Sgt USMC, (retired) as General U.S. Grant, will be discussing the life and myths of Ulysses S. Grant. 

It’s not so important how you fall, but what matters is how you get back up. It’s also not so important to watch those around you, but more to run your own race, and let them watch you. Those thoughts are at the heart of why Kenneth has admired Ulysses S. Grant since his elementary school days.

When you sit down with US Grant, you will be encouraged to openly discuss the life lessons that formed the most successful general in our history, and a man who was admired in his own time even more than Abraham Lincoln. In this encounter US Grant will tell you how his reactions and decisions as a boy and young officer shaped the man he became, and how those same incidents that led to those decisions were all part of a greater destiny than any of us could decide for ourselves to lead a “safe and good” life.


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