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Mission Statement

The River Vale Free Public Library is committed to providing services and resources to meet the informational, educational, cultural, artistic and recreational needs and interests of its residents. The library encourages people to utilize its resources and connect intellectually and socially with other member of the community. The library strives to provide services that are accessible, convenient and responsive to community needs. The library will seek to create and build upon mutual beneficial relationships with the township of River Vale, its schools, community groups and organizations to enrich the lives of our residents.

History of the Library

The River Vale Free Public Library opened on November 20, 1952 as an association library, in a basement classroom in the Roberge School. It was staffed by volunteers and was open four hours a week. The budget for the year was $250, most of which was spent on books. The town's first librarian was hired in 1955, and, in 1964, the library was municipalized and moved to the former police headquarters. When it became clear that a larger building was needed, a bond was passed to create the current 8,000 square foot structure, which opened in 1983. The library celebrated its Grand Re-Opening in March of 2010 following an extensive interior renovation which reconfigured the library setting to accommodate the various user groups who frequent the library. In November of 2014 the library dedicated its USS Enterprise (CV-6) Collection. This collection containing artifacts, housed in a custom-made museum case, and documents in paper and digital form was created to educate the public about the history of  this most decorated ship of World War II and its relationship to the township.

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