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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a teen looking for volunteer opportunities? 


Explore available opportunities if you are entering Grades 6-12. 

Please note that volunteers will not be working directly with children.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form online: Volunteer Form

You will be contacted by the library once your form is received.

Project Guidelines:

  • Have fun, be creative, and use your imagination!

  • Be clear and concise, quality video, PG language use.

  • Videos must contain original content, or use Free for Commercial Use with Creative Commons licenses. This includes videos, images, and music.

  • Some virtual projects may be posted on the library website and/or library social media accounts. You must sign a media release form to participate in these projects.

Submit Your Completed Work

Submit completed projects from the form located here: Submit Work

1. Write a review

Write a review or make a video of a book, eBook, movies, video games, manga and series, etc.

Rate on 1-5 stars (5 being the best)

Reviews should be a one paragraph summary of the book and a one paragraph regarding your personal response with specific examples to support praise or criticism.

Minimum length of review = 5 sentences of 1 minute video

2. Read Alikes List

Create a list or make a video recommending titles similar to something you've read/watched, or make a list based on a theme.

For example, if you like The Hunger Games, you may live Divergent. Include title and author, and image files of books. 
​Minimum length = 10  item list or 1 minute video

3. In-Person Volunteering

Volunteer for 1 hour per week helping out with projects in the library. These opportunities are subject to availability and typically last 3-4 months. 

Let's Work Together.

Questions? Email the Adult Services Librarian:

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