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Level P

What are some indicators of a Level P text?

  • Wide variety of fiction and nonfiction

  • Fiction texts include novels with longer chapters

  • Characters are often concerned with issues related to growing up and family relationships

  • Settings are very detailed

  • Informational texts and biographies present complex ideas

  • Topics may be unfamiliar

  • Longer texts require readers to sustain interest and attention over several days

  • Structural complexity, theme sophistication and necessary background experience increases

How do I know if my child is a Level P reader?

  • Know the characteristics of most genres

  • Read chapter books, shorter informational texts, mysteries, series books, books with sequels or short stories

  • Read fiction stories with many characters that change throughout the story

  • Read nonfiction texts that give information on new topics

  • Understand mature themes (race, language, culture, etc.)

  • Make sense of new vocabulary words

  • Read silently for the most part

  • Read fluently, like an actor would speak

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