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Level J

What are some indicators of a Level J text?

  • Stories have similar characteristics to Level I but are generally longer (some over 50 pages)

  • First chapter books

  • Characters in series books will expand reading interest in reading, increasing the amount of time reading

  • Large amounts of dialogue

  • Full range of punctuation within longer, more complex sentences with many adjectives and adverbs

  • Texts have one main plot with several episodes over a period of time - chapter books may only cover a period of one day

  • Require more interpretation on the part of the reader

  • Requires quick solving of new worlds, including three or four syllables

How do I know if my child is a Level J reader?

  • Read many types of texts (informational, short chapter, simple biographies)

  • Understand a large number of longer sentences

  • Use strategies to figure out hard words (go back and reread, use picture clues, find smaller words inside the bigger word, etc.)

  • Read silently during independent reading

  • Automatically read a large number of high frequency words (from all previous levels & more)

  • Read out loud & sound like a normal speaker (not like a robot)

  • Read out loud & sound like an actor (pauses, reads with expression)

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"Level J" Books


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