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Level B

What are some indicators of a Level B text?

  • Two lines of text (return sweep)

  • Large spaces between words

  • Sentences increase in length

  • Sentence structure is similar to sutdents' language

  • Repeated words or pattern

  • Includes more basic sight words

  • Includes some word endings (ex. -s, -ing, -ed)

  • Punctuation includes periods, question marks, exclamation marks and some commas

  • Simple Dialogue

  • Pictures are highly supportive

  • Topics are familiar to children

  • Focus on a single idea 

How do I know if my child is a Level B reader?

  • Follow a sentence over 2 lines of text

  • Continue to point to words while reading

  • Recognize pattern throughout story

  • Reread to fix reading mistakes

  • Read easy, high frequency words -- (the, and, my, like, see, is, can, it)

Check out the River Vale Library's

"Level B" Books


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  • The Continuum of Literacy Learning Grades K-2 & Grades 3-5 by Fountas & Pinnell (Adapted by Sachem Literacy Coaches.) Retrieved: 7/15/13 from Sachem School District

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