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Level R

What are some indicators of a Level R text?

  • Fiction and nonfiction texts represent a range of times in history

  • Wider variety of texts

  • Sophisticated vocabulary requires an understanding of connotative shadings of meaning

  • Literary devices such as simile and metaphor require background knowledge

  • Technical aspects of texts require background knowledge

  • Mature themes include family problems, war and death

  • Readers must connect concepts and themes to political and historical events or environmental information

How do I know if my child is a Level R reader?

  • Automatically read and understand characteristics of most genres including biographies, new topics, chapter books, shorter informational texts, mysteries, series, books with sequels and short stories

  • Read fiction stories with many characters that change throughout the story

  • Make sense of new vocabulary words

  • Look for information in pictures, photographs, maps, charts, etc.

  • Can break words into syllables

  • Read silently for the most part

  • Understand texts with different layouts

  • Use strategies to figure out difficult words

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