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Beanstack is an online software that the River Vale Public Library uses to facilitate various reading challenges throughout the year. Through Beanstack, you can participate in reading challenges and earn prizes, raffle tickets, and more -just for reading books! Beanstack can be accessed on the web or by downloading the Beanstack app to your device.

How to register (web version):

  • Go to

  • Click on "Register an Individual or Family."

  • Beanstack will ask you if you want to register yourself or your child.

    • If registering as a family, the parent should begin by clicking "I am Registering Myself." Once complete, follow the prompts to add another adult or child.

  • Follow the prompts to fill out your registration information.

  • Once registered, access your account by logging on to Beanstack using the username and password that you initially created.

    • To view and log books under each family member’s name, select the appropriate reader from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your homepage after logging in.

  • Make sure to register each reader for a reading challenge!

How to log reading (web version):

  • Once signed into your account, select the appropriate reader from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your homepage. 

  • Select "Log Reading" on the top left of your screen.

  • Follow the prompts to log your reading.

  • You will see a pop up badge earned for logged reading, including any raffle tickets or prize earned from that badge. 

How to register (Beanstack app):

  • Download the Beanstack Tracker app to your device. It is available for free in the Play and App stores.

  • Find the library by clicking on the purple button marked “Find Your School or Library”

  • Search for River Vale Public Library. Tap the library name to get to the login screen.

  • Login with Username/Password or click on “Don’t Have an Account? Sign Up!” at the bottom of the page to get to the registration screen.

    • Sign up for an account on the Beanstack app by creating a username and password and filling out the required information

  • After the account has been created, choose to either “Fill Out My Reader Profile” (this must be completed if the account holder wants to participate in a reading challenge) or “Add A Reader” (for a family account where the parent is not participating in a reading challenge).

  • Make sure to register each reader for a reading challenge!

How to log reading (Beanstack app):

  • Once in the Beanstack app, logging can be done on any page with the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Logging can be done for one or multiple readers.

  • Tap on the plus icon. Then select readers by tapping on the reader's name.

  • Tap “Next” to pull up the logging method options. Follow the prompts to log reading.

  • You can log reading by entering the book's title or by scanning the title's ISBN (requires access to device camera).


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