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Best Young Adult
Books of 2019


Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali

Grades 8 and up

Description: Adam Chen and Zayneb Malik, who for very different reasons feel alone and frustrated, meet in Qatar and discover the transformative power of convictions and connections. Centering the Muslim experience, this beautiful, complex, and important book examines love, family, justice, activism, and the changes and challenges life throws at us.

Available on: Libby - eBookLibby - eAudiobook

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Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

Grade 7 and up

Description: In a town where all monsters and evil deeds are thought to have been eliminated, Jam, a selectively mute transgender teen, accidentally lets loose a creature from one of her mother’s paintings and together they hunt a particularly insidious monster—one who hasn’t yet been discovered. Unique and tightly written, without a word out of place, this slim fable forces readers to consider what is truly monstrous in our world.

Available on: Libby - eBookLibby - eAudiobook

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The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

Grade 7 and up

Description: Frustrated by the inequality she sees as a Chinese woman in 1890 Atlanta, Jo Kuan begins writing an anonymous advice column in the newspaper. The mostly untold history of the Chinese experience in the South sets the tone for Jo’s story, the secrets kept by those in power, and her drive and talent. The superb writing, deliberate pacing, and slow reveal of secrets make this a believable and enjoyable read.

Available on: Hoopla - eAudiobook , Libby - eBook , &

Libby - eAudiobook

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Opposite of Always

by Justin A. Reynolds

Grade 8 and up

Description: A uniquely twisted love story involving time travel, death, and friendship. Sparks fly when Jack and Kate meet at a party, but their love affair ends unexpectedly when Kate dies suddenly. Jack uses his newfound time-traveling ability to save her. This “meet cute” blends elements of classic rom-coms Say Anything, Groundhog Day, and When Harry Met Sally to great effect.

Available on: Libby - eBook & Libby - eAudiobook

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White Rose by Kip Wilson

Grade 7 and up

Description: This elegantly written verse novel tells the story of real-life activist Sophie Scholl, her siblings, and friends, as they work together to resist and bring down the Nazi regime. The dangers they face and the brutal punishment they endure result in a compelling read that resonates today.

Available on: Libby - eBook

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