A Place to Explore, Learn and Volunteer!

The River Vale Free Public Library is a wonderful place for children to read, learn and grow. We welcome young adult students to take advantage of all the library has to offer in terms of   materials, programming and online resources.


We encourage all students to obtain a library card.  Register with one of your parents who will demonstrate River Vale residency with a driver's license or utility bill.

Obtain a pin number when you register so that you can renew items online and avoid fines. Your library card will permit you to remotely access the library's catalog and databases for your schoolwork.                                                       

Appropriate library activities include reading, studying, attending teen programming and using computers in a quiet atmosphere. Students are expected to abide by all Library Board directives regarding appropriate behavior. You will be subject to expulsion and the possible revocation of your library privileges by the Board should you act in an unacceptable manner in the library. 

We hope that over the course of the school year you will utilize the library in conjunction with your academic pursuits. For your convenience, the library has copies of most of the middle school textbooks for use in the library setting, should you need them. We also hope that you will use our resources for your recreational pursuits and take advantage of our programming and volunteering opportunities!

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