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Will you support the expansion of our Community Room so we may better serve the needs of our residents?

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Public Libraries of Today

Dynamic public libraries across the country are incorporating new philosophies, new technologies and new spaces to meet the needs of their communities. The 21st Century public library is one of multiple destinations—a place for patrons to experience the world of information in a variety of new ways, as well as a location where the local community can congregate and interact in a multi-functional space.

The Evolving River Vale Public Library
Conceptual Design for Community Room Expansion
Conceptual Design for
Community Room Expansion

Built in 1983, the library began its evolution into a 21st Century Library with an interior renovation completed in 2010. The only area of the building not renovated was the Community Room.  The public’s increased use of the library has made it clear that we must continue our evolution, as many public libraries have done, by providing a more flexible setting that allows the concurrent use of the building by multiple user groups. This can be accomplished by redesigning and expanding the library’s Community Room.

Expanding to Meet the Needs of the Community

Space for Programming and Technology Training

The River Vale Public Library is a popular destination for the local community. In 2016 the library hosted over 8,100 people attending library and community sponsored programs.  Unfortunately the present 896 sq. ft. Community Room cannot always accommodate everyone who would like to attend our programs.

As we move into the world of digital information an essential service of public libraries today is technology training so that residents, regardless of age, can access information for their educational and recreational needs. 

Facilitating Student Education

The library regularly hosts upwards of 70 middle school students at the end of every school day!  Currently, we do not have the space to accommodate the increasing number of students and provide them with areas for quiet study and group projects.  The size of the after-school population limits programming opportunities for younger students, as well, and presents a challenge to everyone who wishes to use the library. 

In response, the Library Board of Trustees, working with the architectural firm, Environetics, developed a Master Plan that would reconfigure the present Community Room and add an additional 744 sq. ft. to create 1,640 sq. ft. of multi-functional space.

Master Plan for a Revitalized Community Space!

An Improved Design

An Improved Design facilitates concurrent use of the space for increased room availability and functionality. A movable wall divider allows the room to function as one large or two smaller rooms allowing increased seating capacity and public use of the facility

The Library Cafe - a place to get together
Conceptual Design for Library Cafe
Conceptual Design for
Library Cafe area

The new design features vending machines so the public can enjoy food and beverages when visiting the library. This feature will be especially attractive to middle school students who frequent the building after school as well as those wishing to socialize while in the building.

Technology for entertainment and educational programming

The new space will accommodate advanced audio-visual equipment and a mobile technology center for group use and instruction. This will prove essential for educational, recreational and technology training for our residents.

Exhibition Space

An area is specifically designed for school and local art exhibitions.

Repairs to Building Exterior & A Park-Like Setting
Conceptual Design for Library Outdoor Beautification
Conceptual Design for
completion of rear patio

During the expansion the library will undertake the sorely needed replacement of the building's shingles. Completion of the rear patio will allow for library and community functions to take place in what will be  a most picturesque setting! 

Community Room Expansion Plan
Community Room
Expansion Plan

Project Costs 

We project the estimated incremental dollar cost per household to be only $1.74 per month or $20.88 per year over a ten year period.

• The library is requesting the township provide $554,450 to fund the project.
• The library has reserved funds of $250,000 for the project .
•  The estimated total cost for the Community Room redesign, expansion, completion of the rear patio, and sorely needed building repairs is $804,450.

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Ann McCarthy - Library Director
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