Level F

What are some indicators of a Level F text?
  •  Language reflects patterns that are more characteristic of written language than spoken language

  •  Concepts are more distant from local knowledge or the everyday world

  •  Some texts have abstract ideas which require discussion

  •  Themes emerge

  •  Genres include realistic fiction, human and animal fantasy, simple folktales and nonfiction

  •  Texts range from ten to thirty pages

  •  Full range of punctuation to enhance meaning

  •  Longer texts may have longer sentences and/or more lines of text per page.

  •  Shorter texts may have unusual language patterns or technical words.

  •  Greater variety in vocabulary

How do I know if my child is a Level F reader?
  •  Begin to understand genres (fiction, nonfiction, etc.)

  •  Read and understand dialogue in text

  •  Read words with multiple syllables (disappear, unhappy)

  •  Understand contractions and possessives

  •  Automatically read high frequency words (all, ar, be, but, for, got, had, of, on, then, this, your)

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