Best Graphic Novels of 2019

New Kid by Jerry Craft

Grades 4-7

Description: At his prestigious new middle school, Jordan is learning plenty: to put up with white teachers who confuse him with other black students, to avoid the patronizing librarian who hands African American students gritty tales of inner-city woe, and, finally, to take a stand against ignorance and injustice. Craft’s inspired visual metaphors and gentle cartoons render this exploration of racism and microaggressions deeply relatable to a young audience

Available on: Libby - eBook & Hoopla - eBook

The Okay Witch by

Emma Steinkellner

Grades 4-8

Description: Awkward outcast Moth Hush feels less alone when she discovers she is descended from a long line of witches who were persecuted generations ago. But the prejudice against witches still lingers. Rich dialogue, deeply saturated artwork, and achingly heartfelt characterizations combine for a spellbinding testament to the power of community—and a warning against allowing bigotry to take hold.

Available on: Libby - eBook

Guts by Raina Telgemeier

Grades 3-6

Description: Following meditations on braces and sisterhood, Telgemeier contemplates her childhood anxiety, which took hold after a bout with stomach flu led to fears of vomiting in public. Her comedic timing is top-notch, balancing Simpsons-style asides and punch lines with more juvenile humor, and her younger self’s exaggerated, anime-esque reactions adeptly capture her turmoil and uncertainty. Few children’s books explore the mind-body connection, making Telgemeier’s sensitive work all the more necessary.

Available on: Libby - eBook


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