Getting Started With Libby

1. Prepare your device

You will need an internet connection, a library card, and a compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. Libby is free to install on iOS, Android, and Microsoft (10+) devices.

2. Find your library

  1. Open Libby app on the device.

  2. Answer Libby’s interview questions to customize the app to meet your needs.

    • ‘Do you have a library card?’ “Yes”

    • Look up your library by name or location. Select ‘I’ll Search For A Library’.

    • Type the city or zip code, ‘River Vale’ OR ‘07675’ then select ‘Bergen County Cooperative Library System, BCCLS River Vale’.

    • Tap ‘Enter Library Account Details’ and enter the library card number.

    • Tap ‘Next’ to visit the digital collection. Note: The library card is automatically saved, and you won’t have to go through the interview process again unless you’re setting up another device.

3. Borrowing and downloading titles

  1. Search for a Book by title, author, or subject by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. Tap the cover to learn more about the title.

  2. Find an available book or audiobook. Note: The title covers of audiobooks will display headphones.

  3. If the book is not available to borrow, ‘Place hold’. Note: Borrowing limit and the limit for eContent holds is 5.

  4. Select whether to read books with Libby or a Kindle eReader or reading app.

  5. Optional: Tap the ‘Remember for all books’ button, then select Kindle or Libby to only be prompted once. If not, you’ll see this screen every time you borrow a title. Please note that if you choose Kindle, you’ll be taken to Amazon to complete the borrowing process and the title will be delivered to a Kindle eReader or the reading app.

  6. Tap ‘Start Reading/ Open Audiobook’ to begin reading or listening to the book, ‘Go to Shelf’ to view all your checkouts or ‘Keep Browsing’ to look for more items to checkout.

4. Explore the collection

  1. Use the ‘Library’ button to search or scroll down to browse the collection.

  2. The ‘Explore’ button provides guides, subjects, recent searches, and more to browse.

  3. Use ‘Preferences’ button to filter your selection

    • Format - Books or audiobooks

    • Language – filter books by language written or spoken.

    • Audience – filter to Juvenile, Young Adult, General Content, or Mature Content.

    • Compatibility – options available for Kindle (U.S. libraries only) or Adobe-compatible books.

    • Availability – show All Titles or Available Titles only.

    • Sort By – sort by Popularity, Date Added, Release Date, and more.

    • Tap Apply Preferences.

5. Manage loans

  1. Use ‘Shelf’ button to see items on Loan, Holds, Tags and Recent Returns

  2. Tap on ‘Manage Loan’ button for Due Date, to Return Early, Renew Loan (if it is available to be renewed) or View Book Details.

6. Manage holds

  1. If a title has a waitlist, tap on the small calendar icon to view wait list information.

  2. Tap ‘Place Hold’, (Or enter your email address for hold notice, then tap ‘Place Hold’).

  3. The Items on the ‘Hold’ shelf can be reviewed using ‘Manage Hold’ button

  4. Tap ‘Manage Hold’ on a title to, Suspend Hold, Cancel Hold, or View Book Details in Library.

  5. Tap ‘Actions’ to review or edit all holds by using the button Suspend All Holds.

7. Libby menu

  1. Tap the icon in the top right corner to open the Libby menu.

  2. Tap the Libby icon on the left side to change her appearance.

  3. Tap ‘Manage Notifications’

    • To enable or disable notifications

    • Choose which types of events you’d like to be notified about.

    • Change email address.

  4. Add or Change the card or library Info.

    • Tap ‘See Library Cards’ to add another card or change current card number.

    • Use ‘Add A Library’ button to add, change or switch between libraries.

  5. Help and Support

    • Learn Libby - watch Libby Academy videos to see short demonstrations of key features.

    • Take the Survey - Allows users to provide feedback on their app experience.

    • Submit a Problem, Question, or Idea to OverDrive Support staff.

8. Reading with Kindle Fire

For Kindle Fire Tablet, Install the Overdrive App

Or for Libby, change the Preferences for Compatibility to ‘Kindle’ before searching for a book.

To send a book to Kindle (or Kindle App) and read it there:

  1. Go to Shelf > Loans.

  2. Tap Read With Kindle

  3. You'll be taken to Amazon's website to finish getting the book.

    • If you're signed into your Amazon account, verify the "Deliver to:" device and tap Get Library Book.

Getting Started With Hoopla

1. Prepare your device

You will need an internet connection, a valid library card, and a compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer. Hoopla is free to install from App Store and Google Play. On the computer go to

2. Create a hoopla account

  1. Provide a unique email address and password
  2. Choose your library by typing in ‘City’ or ‘Zip Code’ – ‘RIVER VALE’ Or ‘07675’
  3. Enter your library card number without spaces.

Note: If you have a library card with another library that offers hoopla and you want to take advantage of both collections, create two separate accounts using two different email addresses.

3. Borrowing and downloading titles

  1. Browse Videos, Music or Books by clicking on the icons/text options or by clicking Search from the bar at the bottom of your hoopla app.
  2. Videos are classified into Movies and Television shows; books are classified into Audiobooks, Comics and eBooks. They can be further browsed by ‘Genres’.
  3. The ‘Filter’ button allows one to narrow down the search by Format, Release Date, Date Added, User Rating and Language. You can ‘Sort’ the results by Relevance, Popularity, Alphabetically, and more.
  4. To borrow a title, click on the title and then click the Borrow button. Your borrowed titles can be played right after borrowing and can be found under the ‘My Hoopla’ menu.
  5. The titles can also be downloaded through the mobile app by clicking the ‘download to your device’ option and can be accessed off-line.
  6. Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when your lending period is over (3 days for videos; 7 days for music; 21 days for audiobooks, eBooks, and comics). They can also be returned early using the ‘Return’ option located at the bottom of the title cover.

4. Kids mode

All the content under this feature is curated for kids up to age 12. ‘Kids mode’ can be activated using the settings icon on the upper right corner.

5. Settings icon (found on the top right corner of ‘My Hoopla’ screen)

  1. Activate ‘Kids Mode’ to discover children’s content with ease.
  2. Click on the Question Mark Icon at the top right for Help. Find frequently asked questions and Hoopla tutorials here.
  3. Tap ‘Recommendation Settings’ to select genres of interest.
  4. Tap ‘Personal Settings’ to change the email and/or password to the Hoopla account.
  5. Tap ‘Library Settings’ to change your library information and/or library card number.
  6. Use ‘Notifications Settings’ to enable or disable notifications.

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