Staff Remote Training


Create an account with WebJunction to watch continuing education and training workshops from home. At the top of the WebJunction home page, click "Log In" for instructions on how to create an account. The system will keep track of your progress, and once completed, will have certifications that can be printed out.

Please complete a minimum of 4 hours per week while we are closed from the webinars/seminars relevant to your position in addition to remote tasks assigned and discussed. Be mindful of dates to ensure relevance.


All certifications and documentation can be printed out once we are back in the library.


Any questions, please contact Diane.  Stay safe.


Monday - Wednesday                   10 am - 9 pm

Thursday                                         10 am - 6 pm

Friday                                               10 am - 5 pm

Saturday                                          10 am - 5 pm

Sunday                                               1 pm - 4 pm


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