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Best Transitional Chapter Books of 2019

Smell my Foot! by Cece Bell

PreS - Grade 3

Description: Geisel medalist Bell returns to the early reader world with a delightfully silly story about an unlikely duo. Brain is overconfident. Chick is unfailingly courteous. Brain wants Chick to smell his foot, which Chick staunchly refuses to do until Brain says the magic word. But when Chick is in danger of being eaten, will Brain come to the rescue? This playful title is a masterwork of miscommunication, a comedy of manners, and an ode to bad odor.

Available on: Libby - eBook


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King & Kayla and the Case of Found Fred by Dori Hillestad Butler

Grades 2-4

Description: The Geisel Award-winning creators return with a lost dog mystery. Fred can sit. Fred can lie down. Fred can shake. But Fred can’t find his family. King and his human, Kayla, are on the case. They gather clues and hit the water in search of Fred’s family. Perfect for young mystery fans and dog lovers alike.

Available on: Hoopla - eBook


Charlie & Mouse: Even Better

by Laurel Snyder

Grades 1-4

Description: No other series captures the humor, beauty, and quirkiness of everyday family life better than Snyder’s “Charlie & Mouse.” With these endearing brothers, something as simple as making pancakes becomes a moment of comedy. This time around, the boys are preparing for Mom’s birthday. Lucky for readers, things do not go as planned, and hijinks ensue.

Available on: Hoopla - eBook

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