Music Together

For ages 0-5 with a caregiver.
Music Together® is about sharing songs, playing instruments, and enjoying rhythm in a relaxed,  playful, family-style class. 

*Please only register your children, you do not need to include yourself in the count of attendees.* 

Friday, November 16 @ 11:30am

Registration Required:
* Parents, register using your first/last name, contact information and library barcode. 
* Under "# Attendees" please state the number of children attending.
* Under "Comments/Attendees" please list the first names of the attending children. 

This program is open to River Vale Residents only.

Registration is considered a commitment. If you cannot attend, please contact the library to cancel your registration as we may have a waiting list.

If the "Submit" Button does not work, registration for the program is full.

* Required

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