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Digital Collection

Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone
Offered through the New Jersey State Library, any NJ Library Card holder now has access to the Rosetta Stone database. All users should have sound and a microphone to best utilize the Rosetta Stone tools.
To Begin:
* Follow the link here or go to www.jerseyclicks.org to access the NJ State Library database for Rosetta Stone (the databases are organized in alphabetical order by default).
* Enter your valid Library Card Number.
* First time users are required to enter an email address and password. Select a language.
* Returning users can sign in with their email/password and select the same, or a different language. Language selection can only be done from this sign-in screen.
* Once logged in, from the "Home" screen, select "Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons ..." Note -- Adobe Flash is required. Please ensure that your Flash plugin is up-to-date.
* Reports are available to track your progress.

Digital Newsstand

RBdigital: Online digital magazines can be read on the computer or on a mobile device. Magazines are checked out and can be kept by all patrons with issues starting December 2013.

* When on the library's digital newsstand, log in to or create your account. (To Create your account, enter your library card number then an email address and password. You will then always use the email address and password to log into your account.)
* Check out desired magazines - there is no limit, no wait list.
* You will be forwarded to the Zinio website. Log in with your existing Zinio account or create a new one (email address and password). Magazines can be read in your browser or on your mobile device.
* To use a mobile device, download the RBdigital app and log in with your rbDigital account.
* Note: Magazines can be checked out and read through the app or on a PC/Mac/Chromebook through a browser.
* This is not a subscription model. Users must return to the library online newsstand to check out the next month/week's magazines.

eBooks and Digital Audiobooks


- eBook licensing: Libraries cannot distribute infinite copies of electronic titles. Just as with physical copies, a digital license for one eBook can only be used by one user at a time, therefore, there may be a waiting list for popular eBook/eAudiobook titles. The consortium will invest in additional eTitles based on popularity and wait list length.
- Availability: Simon & Schuster does not sell eBooks to libraries, therefore authors and titles published by Simon & Schuster are not available for library purchase at this time. Simon & Schuster is currently engaged in a pilot lending program with the New York Public Library. Libraries are hopeful this program will expand and allow the public to access Simon & Schuster eBooks from their local library in the near future.
- Requests: Should a user be interested in requesting a title not available in our digital catalogs, please contact our Technology Librarian here with the title of the book, author and year of publication.  We will do our best to add your request to the eBccls catalog. No guarantees can be made as prices fluctuate wildly for library editions of eBooks and not every title may be available through our vendors.
3M Cloud Library:  This eBook database of ePub titles includes items not available through Overdrive (ex. Penguin Publishing).

* Registration: To begin using the app, a user must select the home library (United States, New Jersey, BCCLS). Enter your library card number to check out books. The App (usually) will remember a user's library card number, however, there have been occasions where the app will prompt a user to enter location (United States, New Jersey, BCCLS) and their library card again at time of checkout.
* Adobe ID: If a user already installed the Overdrive app and authorized the app with an Adobe ID, the 3M Cloud library app will automatically detect the user ID and apply it to the 3M Cloud Library. A user can also manually enter an Adobe ID.
* eBooks can be browsed and checked out through a browser, the 3M Cloud app or the BCCLS catalog.
* Titles are available only in ePub format. Kindle eReaders cannot view titles from the 3M Cloud Library.  Kindle Fire users can download the app from the app store or 3M Cloud Library website.
* eBooks checked out through the 3M cloud library will appear in the users library account on the bccls.org website.

Database Resources

BCCLS Databases: Access to Ebsco, Infotrac and Proquest databases. Ebsco offers a wide variety of databases including science, business, history and a multitude of other fields. Specifics include ERIC, Consumer Reports (through MasterFILE premier), and the Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia. Infotrac includes access to an in-depth multi-media biography database. Proquest contains newspapers - city, national and world, as well as historical New York Times dating from 1851-2004.
Medline Plus: Reliable and up-to-date medical information provided by the National Institute of Health and National Library of Medicine on diseases, conditions and other wellness issues without confusing technical vocabulary.

Pubmed Central: PMC is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) including both national and international publications.

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